Outreach and Development

Center Stage Opera recognizes the impact the performing arts have for cultural enrichment in any life, young or old. Performing arts stimulate mental acuity, develop creativity and teach discipline. Involvement in the performing arts carries over into all walks of life and brings the confidence, discipline and sharp thinking that are essential for pursuing any career and for being successful at any stage in life.

Opera is the culmination of all art forms, bringing the union of voice, music, theater, dance, staging, foreign language and visual arts into one discipline. The transformative and inspiring experience of viewing or participating in a live production is incomparable! The spectrum of CSO outreach and educational programs encompasses the many facets of opera, with exposure to live performances and interaction with professional artists.

Through our educational programs, school programs and master classes, CSO works with youths and students to develop their talents through a variety of engaging programs that inspire them for a life-long interest in this grand art form. We interact with young children in simple, often hands-on programs, and continue with more advanced programs for young adults in their high school and college years. Curricula range from assembly productions and discussion groups, to career counseling, class instruction, master classes and internship opportunities.

In addition, Center Stage Opera is dedicated to fostering professional development for singers, instrumentalists, technicians, stage managers, make-up artists and costume designers. With mentorship and professional training programs for our apprentices, we offer expert guidance and firsthand experience for launching their career paths and building portfolios.

School Programs

In-school, assembly-type performances, including recitals, master classes, and shortened productions (e.g. "Fun With Opera" variety show, and an 80's high school version of "The Elixir of Love").

"That Sounds Familiar!" - Opera's presence in media presentations, with discussions on where students hear opera everyday (commercials, radio, movies, etc.), and identifying which operas some of the most familiar pieces are actually from. Includes live performance of these most popular pieces.

Informal, in-class master classes for students with Center Stage Opera singers, instrumentalists, conductor, and stage director.

"How do you DO that?!" - CSO singer, conductor, and/or instrumentalist will perform, and take questions in an informal, discussion setting.

"You Wanna be a Musician?!" - How to create a successful career in music (including college prep, in-college programs & experiences, and post-college career advancement).

"Name that Fiiiigaro!" - Suggested follow-up from "That Sounds Familiar"; CSO performers will sing a well-known operatic selection, and the students (in teams) buzz in and guess what opera the tune is from. Special prizes for the winning team!

Improv Acting classes for students, conducted by Center Stage Opera Artistic Director and resident Stage Director, Dylan F. Thomas.

"Backstage Pass" - Discussion on the aspects of opera production that the average audience member doesn't see (including stage management, set and costume design, stage directing, and more.)

Internships - Apprenticing with CSO in various capacities, including: set building, stage management, chorus participation, publicity, etc.

Senior Programs

Center Stage Opera values the senior community and believes that a strong and creative mind is "ageless". We are dedicated to bringing stimulating and exhilarating opportunities for our seniors that keep them active, involved and energized, whether they are residing at a facility or independent and active within the community.

Our senior programs offer recitals, excursions, special events and volunteer opportunities that connect us with our vital senior community throughout the area.

If you would like more information about scheduling a CSO program for your school or retirement community, please contact:


Director of Development
Or call (818) 517-4102